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Tight Rope- One Hudred

By: Juli Monat

Page 1, Two poems-2 songs to be sung.

Tight Rope



I’ve been walking over a tight rope

With due respect

Yes, there is hope, smoke that dope

Be one like the Pope


So easy when you’re on the top

You crop

No one messing your mind

Only the chief cop

Had brought you the sign-stop

Now do the blob at the hop


They say wait, you’re the bait

Look inside

From the tight rope

Cripple, here’s a nickel to pickle

Taste second nipple

Is so simple, so simple


I’ve been walking over a tight rope

Say no more


I found what I’m looking for.


By: Monat


Copyright © 2012















One Hundred


One hundred of carcass

Doesn’t make you

A good play- maracas

Two hundred of mierdas

That’s the way

To strum the cuerdas


How many times had you


Cry carajo cry, like I cried

Over too much


Laughter of my bride


One hundred, two hundred

I see you

Later, hombre sin nombre

Distance música

Sound from your cucumber

Sour somber


One hundred make me think

Far under

Tea or coffee, brew my


Lightning and hundred.


By: Monat


Copyright © 2012








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