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When I Was Me

By: Juli Monat

Page 1, When I was...

When I Was Me


I never wanted to be a cop,

My patrol car

Doesn’t stop, clip-clop

It’s hard to be

On the top, chop-chop


I never wanted to be a teacher,

You darn preacher

You’ll never know what he

Can do as a pitcher,

Is like being a bitch-her


I never wanted to be a lawyer,

I didn’t know

About Tom Sawyer,

Judges, sentencing the Georges


I never wanted to be a doctor,

Cause no one

Told me, how to play God,

I was punished

For peeing my cot


I never wanted to be a baseball

Player, or a guitar

Prayer, I wasn’t,

Ready to hit the drums, the

Soul of all rums


I never wanted to be an astronaut,


I didn’t care about planets

And stars, master of my scars

Whatever they are


I never wanted to be me, pieces

Of mess, more than less,

Then, July 55, took over,

I already told you

I’m not Rover, but they

Called me, Revolver-The solver!


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