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By: Julius Blake

Page 1, Ode to the Loners


I wrote this for a select few people

And I’ll describe them to you as we go.

They’re the ones you all condemn.

The ones you call weirdos.

The ones who’d rather stay inside

As opposed to leaving with the rest.

The ones who don’t mind studying alone

Because they know they’ll still pass the test

The ones who don’t join social clubs

Or attend every gathering

The ones who think Prom is overrated

And that Homecoming is boring

The ones who read books

Instead of watching flicks

The ones who like to walk by themselves

Instead of walking with pricks

See these people are admirable to me

And I happen to be one of them.

Society teaches us to find a niche in life

And gives us this sudden urge to find friends

But what if we’re cool by ourselves?

What if we like being antisocial?

What if we just don’t wanna be bothered?

Isn’t that understandable?

So respect the ones who are by themselves.

They’re not weird, they’re just people.

They’re fine without anybody’s help.

Society’s own version of the Eagle.

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