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By: Julius Blake

Page 1, Be careful who you hurt.



Imagine for one day

God visited you

And among the things he said

He gave you task to do

He wanted you to reverse your life

And live in the place of someone different?

Particularly the ones you dislike or mistreat

Tell me. Could you do it?

What if that person who wanted be there for you,

Who wanted to help you

Who actually needed you

And who you meant something to

What about that person?

What if you had to be them?

What if you had to feel your own rejection?

But in someone else’s skin?

What about that one kid who you make jokes about?

The one that you laughed at with your friends?

What if you had to endure those jokes?

What if you had to feel those hits?

What if you were obese like the chick in your math class?

What if you wobbled when you walked?

What if no one dated you because you were bigger than them?

Would you then have room to talk?

Our lives are not permanent.

So be careful who you hurt.

Because the situation can be flipped at any time.

It could be reversed.

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