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Such A Habit

By: Julius Blake

Page 1, A girl who\'s relationship with me is becoming a habit.


Such A Habit

It’s no longer a hobby

Nah it’s become a habit

Between habit and addiction

The connection to it, I want to smash it

Sever it, if I could

Make it seem like it never happened

Bury it, if I could

All it provides for me is lament

It’s like I’m a cigarette smoker

And you’re my nicotine

I know how bad you are for me

But that doesn’t deter me

But I found myself a patch

I found myself a cure

Gotta quit you, cold turkey

Never have I ever been more sure

You’ve become my bad habit

And you’re getting close to being my addiction

I can’t regress with you anymore

This is my way of fixing it

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