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By: Julius Blake

Page 1, Three instances of the same thing which culminate in a life lesson.



The first time

It was easy to predict

We drifted apart

For a while we were split

I did my thing for a few weeks

I had my fun

But I started to miss her

The split needed to be done

But someone intervened

and the split became permanent

She found another guy

And that was the first time I had my heart broken


The second time

I didn’t see it coming at all

Until she started mentioning him all the time

And accusing me of dropping the ball

Well I tried to nip in the bud

And get her to leave him alone

But she said he’s my friend and I should tell him

But I didn’t wanna lose one of my dawgs

But they got closer.

And eventually, I just became unspoken

She liked him more and it was clear.

And that was the second time I had my heart broken


Now the third and most recent time,

I swear I tried to stop it

I made it clear I wasn’t fond of him

And I wanted her to drop it

But I didn’t expressly say it

And that was my downfall

So when she asked “babe do you want me to?”

I said nothing at all

But it happened anyway

As I knew it would, I was certain

Dude didn’t even like her back

And that was the third time I had my heart broken


So I took 3 L’s

But this tragedy wasn’t completely wrong

Three times it happened before I realized

God was trying to teach me something all along

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