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By: KaeNichole

Page 1, Just something I wrote up last night.

I don't believe in promises, but if I feel your sincerity I wont make you SWEAR. For false love & heartache left me there. Emotionally detached and a little unstable, promises were made and to be kept they weren't able. I truly love who you are and what I feel. But SWEAR to me this isn't a beautiful nightmare. This is real. My trust, love, faith, loyalty & respect. You have. Don't make me regret letting go, not sure what to expect. No doubts no worries. But great liars and painful memories. I want & need to be loved no more promises to be made EMPTY.

Cherish me,us, love and life.

Don't let go. . . no matter how hard I pull.

Be patient w| me

*Most importantly

Don't promise me ANYTHING.. you owe me nothing

Just SWEAR to love me & only me for... ever times eternity



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