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The City Of Boston, The City On a Pedant Hill

By: Kaithe

Page 1, If your\'re a gemini, behold the stars from somewhere else.

Boston (Tramontane)

Coldest I ever been,
summer,start to end.
frosty breaths,
while body sweats.
pens of cold chisel,
melting isicle.
snow laden aspens,
in sun beat athens.
boast of cutting edge,
no forge, but sledge.

"love afar, spite at home,"
a city, cold as stone.

( * Ralph Emerson's Essay on charity)

this takes some history to understand, athens was burnt by sparta, athens is a deomocratic nation, which means mob and ruthless, and emerson knew this.....the universities are the product of the mob. Pens of cold chisel, lawmakers, nothing liberal about that.Boston is nicknamed the New Athens.(unfortunately)
" As my fellow traveler marvels at the pyramids and they who built them, I marvel at the people who did not."--Thoreau, ( I watch the foreigners take pictures of Harvard, "ahh, harvard, prestigious, class giving, ahh, harvard" ...I marvel at their cameras, and want to to steal the silver iodide and platinum from them. I have set my sights on the things that are killing me.

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