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Taking Solace in Solitude

By: Kalika997

Page 1, This is what happens to those who are victimised.


Hiding inside my own head

Thinking about everything you said

Wondering why I get out of bed

Every morning just to live like I'm dead


There's no way to escape it

The cycle set by a hypocrite

Each day taking just a little bit

More out of me, I'm like a candle left unlit


Daily I face the aggression

And constant oppression

From others in their obsession

With causing my depression


Are you all satisfied?

I've been crushed while you all lied

Every single night I've cried

Fallen like a broken theme park ride


A broken person is what you see

Submissive and scared, yes that is me

You never think before you speak

Another wound to sting and bleed


My mind's a mess, I've lost my way

No control over the course of the day

Taking solace in solitude as I may

I've nothing to defend, you've taken it away

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