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4th novemeber

By: karisklawikowska

Page 1, life is too short

You know what life is too short
for me to feel down of any sort
who'll pick up the peices when i fall to the floor
who'll pick me up when i cant cope anymore
only i can, gotta stand on ma feet
A make life bitter when it could be s fuckin sweet
Fuck whatever has impaired ma vision
cus you get what you give and fuck its alot am givin
A dont give a fuck what they all think
a wont be destroyed by drugs and drink
a make the descions am in control
ave got the tools to dig masel out this hole
theres nuhin wrong jus drivin masel insane
ave done it plenty al pick masel up again
goodbye bad thoughts, laters paranoia and stress
you know i know ill sort this mess
the world is grey, not just black and white
ave got what i need to make this right
stop feelin sorry and give yourself a shake
life is what u make it and ill make it great

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