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Precious for mel

By: karisklawikowska

Page 1, poem about the person i love

Your the most precious thing to ever walk my path
That smile, those eyes and your infectious laugh
You make me crumble, you make my heart melt
Make me feel these feelins that i have never felt
I feel safe with you and as though my life will never end
You make me smile for real, i dont have to pretend
Your hand fits in mine and your body too
ive never valued life so much but id give it up for you
id swim the deepest ocean run across the hottest desert
ill always be next to you an know i deserve it
ive been through punches and took it on the chin
it was worth every second cause i knew the prize id win
ive never been more determined or had more dedication
to get across that finish line an have you there waitin

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