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The Gate is Locked

By: Katarina Madden

Page 1, What would happen if the gate was locked? Just a poem about life and death.

We follow the road,
Walk along the path,
Always continuing,
Never ending,
The road of life,
So long, seemingly forever,
Will it ever end?

We walk along the road,
To get to the gate,
To learn good from evil,
To learn our doom,
But what if the gate was locked?
Would we ever leave?
Would we ever die?
Or would we live forever,
In a kind of twilight?
Alive, but not alive.

As I walk along the road,
I think through the years.
I think about love,
But mostly death,
And what will happen,
When we reach it:
The gate of judgment.
As old as I am,
I can feel the end,
The gate,
Looming high above me,
Silent to the bone.

As I get closer,
I hear the wails,
Of the dead,
Waiting outside the gate.
Yearning to be let in,
For their pain to be taken away.
I move through the crowd,
Until I reach the gate.
It's right in front of me,


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