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The Ultimate Change

Poetry By: kidarox123

This i a poem about "New moon" by Stephenie Meyer, it's sort of summarizing what happens into a poem.

Submitted:Apr 23, 2008    Reads: 234    Comments: 11    Likes: 2   


He promised not to hurt her,

He promised not lie,
But when what he is becomes a threat,
Would he just stand by?
He left her valiantly in tears,
While wishing he could cry,
The only thing he longed to do
Was take back his "Goodbye"
Apparently that promise didn't count for the inside,
She cried and wept in misery,
While trying to get by.
Numb and lost she weaved through time,
The pain, she just couldn't hide,
Was there no cover for this hole?
That now replaced her heart inside.
Jake came along, her own true friend,
Young and youthful true, but,
Through his friendship he could mend,
The broken girl that she'd become.
There were no secrets,
Not one lie,
One friendship that just wouldn't die,
But one more night she would cry,
One more promise that just flew by,
Jake was gone, and in a blink of an eye,
He'd become something new on the outside,
A different shape he would take,
If broken, hurt or mad,
Oh! And the single sent of Vampire,
Would lead him to attack,
With his cleverness and Wit,
He explained the horror,
Bit by bit,
Like puzzle pieces
Together they fit,
Victoria's on the loose,
Ruthless and deadly,
Her being no excuse,
Cold and dead,
One more threat she'd like to use,
Bella's soul,
She'd gladly abuse,
Bella, is her target,
If only Edward knew.
Jake keeps her alive,
With every breath he breaths,
Will she survive?
Let's just wait and see,
Even with his close attempts,
And all his way to close calls,
Bella's a danger magnet,
No matter what the cause,
Edward's actions were the same,
In every little single way,
Jake just doesn't have enough self shame,
To keep Bella away,
A simple call,
A vision true,
Bella's actions hurt him to,
A frantic talk with vivid fear,
The pain in her heart simply seers,
Massacred in Italy,
Put almost before that,
He says he's missed her lots
But can she take him back?
Back at home safe and sound,
The whole is gone,
The heart is found,
Lost love is past unsound,
For, there love is truly bound,
A vote takes place,
It's Bella's day,
And even though it's not his way,
Edward simply must obey.
He can't leave her,
There's just no way!
Jake is mad, upset, and torn,
How could she leave him just to scorn?
How fast and easily she gave him up,
Didn't she see that hidden love?
He loved her to, he just can't lie,
He can't believe he let her just pass by,
There's one more thing,
He knows it's cruel,
But may be good for Bella too.
Jake's plains are pained,
They didn't work,
Edward is her only cure,
True and faithful to her he is,
Why can't Jake seem to bring her that Bliss?

Bella worries, alas,
Though he's here to stay
Will he let her pass or
Will he make the change?


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