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We have true Love

Poetry By: King webstar Da 1st

This is a collabo with a girl named patH from another poetry site

Submitted:Dec 2, 2012    Reads: 52    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

I'll go beyond myself, stretching who I am just for you.
Our bodies will one day get old, but our love always feels brand new.
Not only is friendship love's foundation, but there is no magic in a kiss without love.
Whether awake or asleep your all I'm thinking of.
Always seeing what matters, our love is not blind.
Our love will survive and we'll work it out even if to each other we're not kind.
Being in true love with you, taught me to see the beauty in everything.
We're the meaning of a wedding ring.
Anything and everything your worth, on you, I'll spend my last.
We accept and embrace each others differences ,while letting go of the relationships in our past.
Sex is a special bond but not the main thing our love is all about.
We are here to strengthen and make belief out of each others doubt.
If peace would spread every time I thought of you then heaven would be on earth.
Billions of dollars has no comparison to your worth.
We are devoted, to share our God given life to each other.
If I died before you, I wouldn't be able to enjoy heaven without you, my lover.
Our love is on the same page and doesn't see differently.
Beside bringing out the best in me, you also brighten up my mood instantly.


I will travel this world for your love no matter how far, our souls lock and intertwine creating a infinite star. We are more than friends our relationship can never end we are like infinity are love lasting until eternity you are my destiny. you are my future and now, my when and how , we are like two wedding bands and we both agree to vow.Our love is strong and long solid than a mountain stone. we're tight as a glove there is no one above, we're so attached and no other two can perfectly match. I have fallen for you, the sculptor and I am the statue ( your glue).we are different and similar, rare but familiar I admire your soft heart and cut exterior.You make me smile a mile its true and plus knowing what the thought of you can do.

Da KinG:

We're meant for each other like hair and shampoo.
You're apart of my identity like the stripes on a raccoon.
If we were to separate I would be the first to ask for you to come back.
Without you my life's train, would be off it's track.
Upon meeting you my heart told me your the one.
My love for you weighs more then billion times a ton.
From the way you make me feel, this is true loves meaning.
I want to spend all my time with you even when I'm dreaming.
Being in true love with you, is like seeing aliens,Millions of people talk about it but few has seen it.
Respecting and treating you right is something I'll never forget.
Being in love with you is more special then my first love, because you're my last.
We were meant for each other that's why our love elevated so fast.
I'm your love bodyguard,giving you all the security that you'll ever need.
I'm glad to be sharing this ride with you no matter the speed.
What we have is true love, that will survive even when the going gets tough.
I know we will always be together,but forever seem like it's not long enough?


Being with you I seem to get lost in time, it stops and the world seems to get left behind. I never feel alone with you on this road all I see is green go signs.Yes we are meant to be like collaba needs a try together you and I can defy, others say were blind but we see 20/20 equally. with you I am complete you're the lines I am the street don't try to cross one of us our love is built on trust plus add more its still us.never will separate our love will dominate don't hate its just out fate.You are the capitol and I am the state, you are the scale and I am the weight basically we are soul mates. when I am with you nothing else matters without you I am paint that cant splatter. You give me purpose and meaning, our love is automatic, sometimes I feel like an addict for you I am feigning,our love is forever until there is no time,our proof - this gs page , our stage with romantic ageless rhyme.

Da KinG:

I put a cross on my heart but it's our love that will never die.
I would still be appreciative to see you, even if I was cyclops with one eye.
For the words "I love you" it takes 3 seconds, but more then a life time, I'm willing to prove it to you.
Doing you wrong is the same as hurting me, so I'll forever remain true.
Give me a hug and hear your heart, that's in my chest.
I'll always be faithful to you and I'll pass any test.
I want to hold you like a clothes rack.
I embrace you and then turn you around and scratch your back.
You're my everything, Lord Knows.
What we have is true love and it shows.


your ring on my finger will remind me you will never linger and without you I am like a song without a singer.when I am old I will never get tired of you with my walker I will crawl to you.Each day is like a brand new chapter and adventure anew.I don't want to live without you by my side you are the spring in my upbeat stride, you bring out the kid in me like a carnival ride. Without you I ache and with you all heartache quickly subside. I count on you like a math equation, like a train you are my right station. I can relax with you my much needed vacation. When talKING about you - I feel such elation.


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