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A night of thoughts

By: kleray93

Page 1, a night of thoughts, enough said

It's midnight, the sky is black & the stars are bright..

It's quiet & peaceful, all I hear is my thoughts..

There's a cold breeze coming from the west, so i'm wrapped up in a blanket..

Sitting comfortably, admiring earth at night & thinking..

I'm thinking about what I have in life; family, friends, my health & my beautiful little girl..

I think about what I want in life; get a degree, get to where I can live comfortable & my family can too..

Then I  begin to think about what I don't have & the only thing I can think of is you..

I like to think i'm more than blessed with what God has givin' me & i'm thankful but I feel like i'm missing something..

I see a couple walk by, happy & in love..

I'm in love but being a couple isn't an option..

A star shoots across the sky & I wish we could be together..

I'm happy with my life but if I was with you, i'd be happier....

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