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You change,

By: koolc

Page 1, You\'ve change

You change,

You've change but not for the better, but for the worst, your tricks and lies will some day be your roast,

ur boastful bragadocious,attitude is deceiving, ur drunk with power u might need to take a cold shower, u speak with a fork tongue of the devil, ur anger will always get the best of you some day.ur delusional,

obsessed,heartless, manipulative, unforgiving, spindless,mindless, careless,and relentless with ur bad ways,oh u've change but not for the better, ur like a camilion, a night crawler,a mauler,.

ur heart seems cold as ice, you take, and break, hearts like a black widow, u tease,u need to learn how to please,u have no soul, your ghost like figure,a wicked and evil villain.

You will never be any better,than wat ur,a poser,a soar looser,u have no compassion,and no emotions,mabe ur harmful to yourself, but you will never notice it untill its too late,

You complain, and ur never satisfied,you've change not for the better but for he very worst, your headaches, and aching back, isburdento bear,its ur sin ur curse,

your worst,urbed ur hurst, u hurt others without reasons, some day you will get hurt too,its ur season,ur wicked ways will someday get the very best of you.

your an amadillo, hard headed,you"ve change, your a soul killer.I hope you can live with you.

cuz i can't u change.

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