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By: krptdnacnce

Page 1, Describes a life changing,traumatic experience, a way of copeing and what usually happens when one brings quite shocking details to the table


A nameless face subject to shared space,

Some mistakes you just cant erase.

There is two of us

That share this face...

Don't go.

Why do you turn on me?

Fight and regain control,


As I pick up the pieces,

of the fragmented remains of a tortured soul...

Its been said that I am crazy.

 Believed lies.

Silent accusations,

Shadowed facts leave truth evident but hazy.

Once a beautiful vibrant girl

 Until disguised violation invaded...

Sign said "Degradation give it one whirl..."

Degraded and disgusting ...

Nasty little girl...

Body stripped-

Ripped skin

Stinging and on fire-

smoldering flesh and torn out hair-





My altar and funeral pyre...

Fire cannot cleanse one of so little worth,

 Impregnated corruption.


 No longer heaven sent

 but soiled decomposing swallowed by this earth.


She gladly took my beatings

and all the lustful repeatings-

Born of necessity else I be forced to endure.

 She took it all upon herself.

 I am amazed by the strength of her.



Eternity it seems

Happiness remains elusive

No one hears my screams?

Somewhere, sometyme, somehow...

If Only

Someone loved us both

and the past that we shared,

One human being to show  they cared

 Instead of being dumbstruck

fozen by fear

 that just stopped and stared....

The shock of finding her.

stripped of all flesh to the bone

Several nameless faces

but she is unaware

 She pretends she is alone.

 In darkness

 She clothes herself in a garment of flayed flesh

Weaving together a memory

so that somehow decayed life and and un ruined mesh...

Of innocent witness,

Hope is another word for thrive
and the only facade that wishes to be alive...

I have met the judge.

Everyday I meet the jury.

Every event is cause for worry...

Tell the truth,

People cant accept ..

Watch them scurry..

I wait

for a non-existent her-o

I endure

aeons of persecutions-

 I guess there is no hurry.

The damage is done, justice is not.

Never underestimate ill created fury

and then I forget....





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