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Love Changes Everything it certaimly Does

By: krptdnacnce

Page 1, you changed me, for you, I rearranged me

Yes it certainly does.

and so does living without it.

damn you and because...

Love changes everything

it certainly does...

it explains the difference

in who I had to become

instead of who I was...

you changed me,

for you, I rearranged me.

and that is why those who follow

meet the deranged me.


at other tymes they meet me Not  at all,

they dont often understand that it is = Not I. present when they call,

for surely to take interest

would be my downfall...

and I have been a victim , and swore on every stone or brick while building this wall-

for your vows and promise ,

for some reason I recall,

your answer was me , I answered it all-

but come to find was for Not after all...I will go back in tyme, and hope that you never even call


hello goodbye, I dont remember you-you for not? I dont believe. I may have forgot...seems I do that quite a lot...even when I try to hold that thought



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