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MasterPiece Undefined

By: krptdnacnce

Page 1, fragmented truths, partial realities...private agendas


The mirror has been shattered


fragments of fading memories... Scattered




 and a glimpse there


of what can never be whole


Reflections upon deceptions




 above and below


 Fragments seen as shards of silver slivers




Imprinted on the soul.


Generations of degeneration


Begins to take its toll




what the beholder will never tell


Shattered shreds of reality


Becomes a living Hell


What of the artist


that came here to draw,


leaving a master piece undefined,


incomplete of all he saw.


The implications,and  ramifications,


the cause and effect of the Law


the Law of the Universe,


not that of mankind,


for imperfection upon reflection

slivers of fragmented  truth


 is all that you will find.


I, who hold a secret



unveiled in tyme



 yet another,



MasterPeace undefined.



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