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Bits of Fine Wit - Timeless Thoughts - Page 2

By: Lady Jewells

Page 1, More thoughts to consider - Right Turns aren\'t Wrong.

Lover's Lane


   A tug of war - of hearts....

They cry - when they're kept a-part.

Together - They laugh and play - Lover's games.

      Wrestling - nestled deep in the covers..

          Tickle you - tickle me..

Board games = Chess = Just who's King in the queen-sized bed!

- Who wins? Will either of them really ever lose?

A loss in this game - is really a gain..

in Love and the Lover's Lane!



***** WHAT DOES IT MEAN? *****




What about that woman...WHO is she?

It matters  and it matters not... What some people might say...

It's all speculation....

                         I would ask you - simply this...

Please - Do not judge me as who I am ,

                            From what other people say.....

To accept what you've heard -

                                            as the absolute word....

is truly and utterly - ABSURD!!!!



*            *          * LIMITS! *          *           *

When you limit your possibilities...


You limit your capabilities!


& Visa Versa….


If you’ve limited your capabilities….


You’ve just limited your possibilities!

& Quite possibly –

You’ve just limited my opportunities – S T O P…

Personally, I don’t like limits.




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