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I Want a Woman to Love

By: Lady Jewells

Page 1, Women loving Women


I Want a Woman to Love


       But I don’t want just any woman.


I want a woman who will be her own woman; she does not act like other women.


      Yes, I want that kind of woman.


Just a woman, but not just any kind of woman!


She would need to be someone like me –


   She would be Strong – Vibrant – Emotionally Alive and Caring.


  She would be free to love and lovingly free.


         Clinging only to feel and share my warmth,


                       but not binding.     I cannot grow in shadows, how could she?


      Holding – Molding our Bodies together through shared Heat!


With pleasure – Pleasingly touching… and touching to please.


       Beside you………….and you beside me – Our love will grow strong.


Know me – For I too am a Woman.


    Not just any woman.   I am myself – I do not act like ‘other women.’


I am my own woman….but not just any woman!


        Just who I am…..     “Me!”




By Lady Jewells (2001)


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