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Tangled Reflections

By: Lady Jewells

Page 1, Looking back at a broken romance.

Tangled Reflections by Lady Jewells (2011)

Reaching across time,

My mind reflects on thoughts of us.

We once walked our separate lives.

For a time, we shared our lives.

And soon we were intertwined.

Maybe it was too fast? Or was it too easy?

Or perhaps it was somehow overwhelming?

Our perspectives –

Our own reflections – are colored by emotion.

As we untangled our lives – it hurt.

Our own perceptions matter to each of us. In our hearts – we feel it.

Through our own memories – we reflect.

Our curiosity now seems almost surreal.

We remember times of happiness – the laughter and our love.

We also remember the feelings of frustration,

We remember our anger and the bitter emptiness.

Nonetheless – separately - we now move forward.

Divided – we will journey beyond.

Reaching across time, my mind searches – thoughts of us remain.

My Memories of us – are like timeless pieces of tangled emotion.


Volumes of Laughter,





And finally,Humor…

Though I now stand alone, I am not lonely. I am Aware.

**Written forAngie Patterson onAugust 25, 2011...Breaking up at any age is just tough.***

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