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People of color

Poetry By: Lavendar

This is a poem about us being of many moods and facades and
about choices and transforming to get closer to happiness.

please read with an open mind...it's kind of long so read when you feel u have the time.

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Green with Envy we say good bye losing ourselves Insides out,Causing us to turn Blue by suffocation.

Many shades we change from one right to the next, Humans cannot help but to be just that!

Red with Anger or Jealousy as well ! Might we all be damned if we do & damned if we don't?, Since we all have many faces and some not so real ! Is each day

a sin against Jesus? Is it even worth a try?

Each day a different shade chosen to do.

The color of lies and deceit I would consider as Black or the color of truth a very beautiful one indeed this is a color of many such as a

Sunset glow, We are people of colors and faces too Each day someone can see right to the color in the center of you!

Even the best Poker face you cannot hide! God and son Jesus has that ability!! Peeling away the facades that mask us in different ways

reaching and pulling out the ugly colors and hidden self..Just let go and be the truest self,Jesus can see you and knows better and when

it is time for him to give you a grade...there is no colors niether any masks and finally you are feeling so bare,Embarressed to be seen,When there is no masks

to put on or shades to wear to hide all those things you would not want god to know or hear...Here is a news flash for those who are great at their barrier...Sink

or Swim the time is now!! Jesus has a front row seat and knows when you are a performance and untrue So when you stand beside god and his judgement

take a moment to clean your slate for it is never to late to begin anytime is a good one to change and erase before it makes it on the recorded chart he holds

with your name on it for it is already in his sights ! what would you fear and not want known for there is always a chance to wipe the dry erase board of your

life and begin being conscience of christ and living more for him than for you!

God is a wonderful and Glorious king and he is thee all healing...thee all forgiving...thee only one who matters when we are to be judged.

We are many people and so many colors one day at a time almost chameleon of lies,anger,centered on self, unconscience of other's who may be less blessed.

Many weakness's and Many strengths and multiple talents as well ! lets not get so caught up in our money or desires of plenty... If we all believed in God and

went on a walk with christ I bet you that would get us all thinking more than twice! Alter the ways that worldy things distort us all upside down, Inside out and

right side in....make a difference if not for you do it for happiness! Many of us choose to be something were not or think we want but,

ultimately we are in search of the unseen and look for proof! Let the wind and the rain and the stars and your brain and child birth be

what proves Jesus his not just here but, is working every single day! think about it!! life life life We are alive! If you are a believer of

Evolution or Science just remember that not one man would be here if it weren't for God! and man created this idea of evolution/Science

to , and I pray that athiest are touched by god too! So wake up and when you smell those roses just recall who did what ! God placed all of our nature and life

in here for us to live but without him we would all be dead and maybe we are even though we breathe ! why do we have to have a near death experience or

some sort of tragedies to realize it is true and he does live inside each of us all days...so lets change our colors and peel away the masks

and reveal that sunsent glow and I pray for those who do not open their mind or heart that jesus will scrape away the doubts that

clouds your mind....clean it and wipe it away for those will soon disipate and he will resolve you if you take the time for change.

Let in the truth it always begins with him regardless of personal belief or thoughts..don't forget he exists no matter whats eating in you!

Just remember he does want you! So the more who do believe the better the world will be and transform.

Get shaped and let him guide you...he will help especially to you who don't have faith...he has a special place of grace for you.

remember to always say " I love you".


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