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What I wouldn't do!


Page 1, a plead to be re-united with the one who holds your heart, a plead to ragain love that was lost. a plead from the heart.

I know not, what I wouldn’t do?

To keep my promise to you

To see my reflection in your eyes

To be by thy side once more

To feel my world revolve around you; once more

To hear you whisper love in my ears

To see your smile once more

To hear your laugh until death, do us part.

I know not, what I wouldn’t do?

To hear your voice call me darling, one more time

To witness the spark in your eyes

To feel thy soft touch for a moment

To remove the pain in our hearts

To win your heart back from him... forever.

To embrace an angel; a second time.

To mend the pieces that once was our love.

To trust,

To believe,

To talk

And to listen yet again

To forgive myself for losing your heart.

To behold love and beauty; over again.

To re-paint your love maps on my soul.

To love you till thy kingdom come.

To breathe once more,

To live again and

To earn a second chance.

I know not, what I wouldn’t do?

To stop loving you.

Composed by: MAAKE TL

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