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See It Through

By: Livebecauseyoucan

Page 1, See it through to the end, and maybe even past then.

I’m stuck in a position unable to move.

 Compressed with fatigue,

I’m living with forced open eyes.

 Shrouding away the darkness,

And anything that makes me vulnerable.

Anything causing me to pause and breathe,

An unnecessary death thrown in my path.


There is a threat of hidden love,

Mixed with an aroma of roses or any admirable essence.

Many say that is how they survive,

They imagine dead roses soaked in sweat.

And even flattened bugs nearing their end,

There really, is nothing desirable or near pleasant.


I once had people, who cared for me,

Maybe even would have risked their life for me.

I would be stupid now, to think the same thing,

I’m different now a hope for humanity.

There must be more to me than that,

Or how would I still be living?


Some might have called me miserable or despondent,

And say they were only trying to help.

But really, I know the truth,

They knew I was an incapable human being.

And it was just a matter of time before,

I had to really start living my life.

Like it was worth something,

Like I was given another chance to see myself through.

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