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The Burning Sun

By: Livebecauseyoucan

Page 1, Imagine, or rather not.


Imagine if we held the burning sun in our hands,

I would look down into its face and gaze at your reflection,

Your stance would be strong and your beauty unearthly,

Your face would glaze into mine and wish my happiness,

All too soon, your soul would be sucked out of me and my memories,

You would fade and slip out of the suns burning grasp,

But I would never leave you because we mean something,

Together, only together, I feel wanted and special,

Wherever your love goes mine will follow,

To the end of the world and back,

Stand with me, rather hold me tight,

And love me till the end, for eternality,

But just remember that special thought,

The burning sun shadows me into the night,

A curse it must be, to watch my death repeatedly,

Break the curse my love, I can’t stand the pain much longer.

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