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The Past Time

By: Livebecauseyoucan

Page 1, I always get stuck here. I don\'t know what to say... but please read!


I wonder if you remember me.

How we used to dance, underneath the moonlight,

The moon cooed your name; everyone fell to your knees,

That’s why I backed away and you tracked me down,

Understanding my unusual specie and my lack of desire,

For you it was only a game, even as we drifted closer,

I even believed you once when you said, ‘we are more than friends’,

How come you left me, detached me from your soul?

I had looked at you like you were an angel,

Until you left me,

When I understood you were a demon,

But you were my angel for leaving me safe,

Leaving me frail and thin but acceptable at the most,

I never heard you apologize, leaving my family dead,

Though, as I knew you were a liar,

There was no time to waste those words.




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