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Black Lies

Poetry By: LizLew

I must stress that I really don't hate this person. In all honesty, I don't blame them for what they did. I just hate the fact it was done...

Submitted:Nov 26, 2011    Reads: 40    Comments: 9    Likes: 3   

So you want to play a game with love?
Well show me your cards, because I'm not done.
I'm never going to roll over and just give in,
Because, like you, I'll forever love him.
I'd never kiss another guy;
I would pay the ultimate price.
I would walk to the ends of the Earth,
I could go on and on, but it's your turn.
You told him lies, you played a dirty trick,
And now he's hurting, feeling sick.
You've hurt him deeply, and he'll never recover,
So you still think of yourself as a lover?
How could you hurt the guy you claim to love forever?
I could never do that, never ever.
I guess you're a stronger person than I, because you're willing to destroy him,
Just so you can replace me, so you can get back in.
If you win, then congratulations, but it wouldn't be a victory,
If the roles were reversed, I'd rather be old history.
I'd rather see him happy with someone else,
My happiness doesn't matter, I couldn't think about myself.
But you went right ahead and ripped him up,
Don't you think he's suffered enough?
Don't get me wrong, I applaud your undeniable strength,
I just don't see how you could go to such lengths.
I'd never be able to scar him that way,
With his feelings and mind, I could never play.
But you ignored that didn't you?
You just didn't think this game through.
You thought you could rush in, tell a few lies and win,
Well, I hope you're happy, because you've hurt him.
I don't say this out of spite,
I simply don't think what you've done is right.
If you love him, then why cut him so deep?
Would you rather he bleeds than to be happy?
I just can't follow your train of thought,
It makes no sense if you really love him, of course.
To stab his heart in such a blind greed,
Not thinking that he would bleed.
I just don't understand your methods and ways,
But you're not entirely to blame.
We can't choose love and it drives us insane,
But I love him more with each passing day.
If he wanted you, I'd let him go,
Watch him be happy in the shadows.
Sure, it would kill me, and tears would flow,
But, this type of pain is something you know.
Yet you choose to grab him, and slice him away,
That's why I'm angry, that's where you're to blame.
Why don't you see,
That he's finally happy?
I understand where you're hurting, and why you want him so bad,
But is it worth it? Telling the lies you had?
I guess I see why you did it, but it doesn't make it right,
Acting so rash, running in so blind.
Even if you broke us apart, what makes you think he'd love you again?
What makes you think his heart won't go dead?
Imagine you killed him deep inside?
Would you regret each Black Lie?
So many questions, I hope they make you think,
But I doubt they will, because you're unhappy.
I just don't see how you could hurt him in that way,
I thought you love him? Or was that just another Black Lie?
You told him I didn't love him, which is the biggest lie ever told,
But he can't quite shake your venoms hold.
I want nothing more than to hold him in my arms,
Feel his hot breath as we watch the stars.
Be enticed by his natural scent,
These are things I just can't pretend.
We had our own Cinderella story,
Despite the fact it's incredibly corny.
We were happy, and we still are,
I guess you didn't think it in that far.
We're in a war, you and I,
But, just so you know, I could never tell such a Black Lie.
Only because it would him so badly,
I don't care about you sadly.
His happiness and health, that's all that will ever matter,
I don't care about my own world, I'd rather have it shattered.
It may come across that I don't care enough to tell Black Lies,
But I care too much, and words aren't enough to describe why.
I'm truly, completely, hopelessly in love,
A thousands red roses aren't enough.
Nothing and no one can love him more than I do,
That includes everyone, everything, even you.
My heart burns hotter than a thousand suns,
So those Black Lies you told out of 'love',
Were out of greed, nothing more and nothing less,
Don't disregard everything I've said.
I don't hate you, I hate what you've done,
You're Black Lies were not spawned from love.


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