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If Only I was A Poet...

By: lola00

Page 1, It\'s all in the title. Give it a read and tell me what you think!

If I was a poet
Then you'd be the target
Elaborate imageries
I'd constantly basket
Countless metaphors and similes alike
If I was a poet
Then you'd be the mic

Sonnets and Ghazals
Pentamic meter
All of my poems you'd constantly feature
I'll call you X because you're never found
If I was a poet
Then you'd be the noun

Natural imagery
Syntax and such
An object of desire without doing much
I'd shower you with words and constantly pamper
If I was a poet
Then you'd be the stanza

But I'm not a poet
Nor am I an artist
I can't even sing lacking soul but not heartless
My heart is
A memoir
Of every single person loved
My diary
With secrets kept hidden between the two of us

If only I was a poet
This wouldn't have to make sense
I'd write a famous poem and only you would know what it meant
And somewhere inside of you you'll feel the emotion
Of the beautifully arranged words so carefully chosen
Then maybe
Just maybe
You'll know who it's too
Because if I was a poet
I'd probably have you

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