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Star Love

By: lost love long forgotten

Page 1, ahhhh......

 A secret loneliness settles around me

I'm doing my best not to fall


We love but cannot be.

The stars say we have to leave each other,

one in the cold and one happy forever.

A struggle that can't be taken

lightly one that won't go away.

My secret happiness is fading away

as I lie in the shadows unnoticed.

My pain won't leave me until I give up,

but I try fighting on.

I collapse one last time while,

I smile at a love once known until the day

it was taken. A lost love that will

forever be in my heart a cherished memory

even after I'm long gone.

As I slowly fade into shadows I see a

light it gives me an option.

"Live with the pain or come and forever

be at peace."

I choose the pain.

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