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Killed My Soul

By: Love Reaper

Page 1, The curse is back again.

This bliss that you have embroiled me with,
Such raw passion; equity.
How you molded me,
Something that I could not grasp.

I started to fall,
Fall into your sweet sinful arms; embezzlement.
I was lost into a new beauty,
Where once completed would be no return.

But then,
I bore shameful taste.

You warned me to never open my eyes,
But I did,
And immediately my stairway to heaven,

I had no longer became fallen,
But now I was falling.

Sucked into the reality of this curse I live in.
The pressure of gravity conquered my soul,
And you couldn't revive me.

If only I had kept my eyes closed from the truth,
And continue to feed off of your lies.

Now it's back again,
The mark I am forced to embrace; surrender.

For I am far from broken.
Frozen from the coldness of my own heart.

I bleed,
Stop breathing,
I cry,
Stop believing.

I am dead inside.
And not an ounce of hope,
Flows through me.


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