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Meager Jezebel

Poetry By: Love Reaper

People think they can hurt me, how funny.

Submitted:May 31, 2012    Reads: 6    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Say it isn't so, I've been slandered by the voice of my own blood. And now here I am judged then stoned. I'm an outcast and there's nothing of mine left. The strands of joy in my head plucked piece by piece in my sleep, suddenly bald with rage to find someone else wearing what use to be mine. Oh my and it was someone I once knew, they were bald? Who would have thought that to be true. And here I am suffering for my ignorant mistake, back to nocturnal, the way it's suppose to be. Every creek and every crack is someone trying to sneak up on me. Every knock, every tap is someone silently waiting for my eyes to drift. Silly fool, I know what's mine.

You can flaunt it like it's yours all you want, dangle the happiness in front of my frown. Do you feel better? Have you won the great victory of life? Conspiracy. The hairs on my head were already dead. I may be bald, but I'm not blind. I see the cons you pull and no I do not believe in karma. I believe in not wasting my energy on a mere failure of life. Smile like a coward while I smile back, reading the very thoughts to your soul. So go ahead, taint something that will never be yours because when it shrivels and shrinks you'll be bald all over again while I hide the beauty of my new thick locks.

You're a traitor and a fool if you think I didn't see you. Better to wear a blind man's sunglasses than to be seen observing the naked truth. Tiny little grown midget, how cute are you to think you left a bruise. Air from my fan can hit me harder than you. Ungrateful harlot, taking everything you don't deserve yet you still yearn for more. Asphyxiate yourself. Trust me, it's what you need. Your presence is as artificial as a dog dressed as a cat. The only authenticity in your life is the problem within your head. Crack open your skull and let the insides dry, maybe you'll figure everything out. Your petty little crime cost you the heart you tried to "mend". Demented asinine, you live in a delusion where survival only perpetuates around you when really you're a bloated pimple, ready for expulsion.

I snicker at your worthless betrayal. I count the day you count on me to be your savior because on that day I'm appointed to take medication for my permanent amnesia. What a delight, you think you're the only one watching. Look around simpleton we're in the woods, you're the little liar as am I the big bad wolf. Go ahead, lie your way to fame, but remember, what goes up most come down and I have front row seats.


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