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The Hunter's Prey

By: lovepoetryandbooks

Page 1, This is a poem about about the hunter\'s prey. It is about what a person will do, no matter how much sadness should be involved.

The gun fires

Powder in the air.

The night is black

The light is sun

Water is the sound.


The boat rocks

As I feel the push

A gleam of teeth,

A body big,

But child as it floats.


A sigh of irritation

Escapes the air,

A fog of breath,

their eyes then stare.


Not the sigh of sorrow

Or a tear,

That now falls from my face

As I touch the corpse

To say my last goodbye.


Life is precious ,

When taken out of greed

Not only will the body bleed

The soul will be mislead.

And the killer will receive a deed.


Let your life unravel,

And live like the prey you kill,


For every death

That you inflict .

Will bring the day

Your eyes will close,

A year for life

Closer to the day of eternal sleep.


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