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As She Flies By

By: loversgonewrong444

Page 1, When people try to shun her, and the try to tear you down, jsut remeber you can be the bigger person, just ignore. you know where youre going. and obviously and hopefully the plans you make that they arent looking upon, doesnt include them in anyway. be who you are, and be true to YOU!

I told her she was worthless,

Itold her she'd fail

Itold her that it was a joke,

Itold her i didnt care..

there she goes,

as she flies on by,

then i begin thinking,

I'd told her she'd never touch the sky,

but who was I,

I couldnt comprehend,

Icouldnt bring her up agian,

Itore her down,

and down some more,

but he's built her up,

and higher than before,

I wanted her back,

but who wasI kidding,

she's up there!

Where I told her she'd never be!

Oh, how silly me.

but now I know,

people will always get there,

no matter how slow.

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