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Scars and Bruises

By: loversgonewrong444

Page 1, ehhh,,,not the best ive ever written..

Scars and bruises,

You don’t care,

You’ll do what it takes,

Till they can’t bare,

You won’t face it,

But you’re a monster none-the-less,

Just confess..

You say there is a fee,

But what there could be,

Is a key,

you see?

Once you confess to this mess,

You could be,

Someone free,

You could be,

just like me,


There is a policy to live in a land like thee,

Where we’re not behind bars,

Or have ankles chained,

But just you see,

Once you confess,

To this mess.

You could be,

 someone free,

You could be,

 just like me,



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