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*Last night*

By: LozyLoz

Page 1, Last night, after approaching a close friend for guidance and once again having the subject changed, I wrote this. I wasn\'t angry or disappointed, I actually felt quite bad for approaching her with something she just didnt know how to handle....


And so she wept,

Exhausted of trying to be heard

Trying to tell her loved ones

her many contemplations of suicide

Overwhelmed by failed attempts at

expressing her cries for help


Frustrated at comments made

“You don't open up”

“Just tell me how you feel”




“But you're not alone,

I don't understand how to help”


Giving up, you ask, she tells,

you brush it aside, annoyed.


She's had what feels like all she can take

Confused as to whether it's her not

expressing herself correctly or are her

pleas falling upon deaf ears?


And so she cuts

A shift of focus to real, physical pain

she's relieved,a break from heartache

and hatred


An ocean of thoughts

that rarely sit still

Crashing over solid rock, marking it

changing it, grain by grain

So small is the change

that it goes unnoticed

The fish swim by

The birds fly above

The wind howls past

Slowly days pass, then months...

and years...


And so no-ones noticed

Her right arm full of scars

No-ones listened to her asking for help

No-one knew all she wanted was a hug

Just to have someone notice

she was doing it tough

To acknowledge her pain

wrap their arms around her

and say, it's O.K

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