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In Sanity

By: LozyLoz

Page 1, Not the best quality of writing from me, but it got a lot of bottled up feelings out.


Can you taste the hurt in me?

Forms a paste, seals eternity

playing games when you should work

found a name sheltered in murk.

Before it's taken

before its faded

tastes mistaken

everything laden

with chilling dark

without reason left stark.

Because of treason

can't always

surrender a save

not everyday

trapped where it's safe.

Whatever hollow

between to change

right to rise

overdose the mind,

fall through skies

see what I find.

But what I see,

where I look,

it's empty

because you took.

You won't show how

to wake up then,

if ever now

without a pen.

Clear it out

tidy up,

shake your doubt.

Give me back

what it is that fills my cracks.

Blind as a bat

still you find

a way to cry

whoevers mind

it'll fry,

just a taste

a little try

decide with haste

alright bye bye...

WAIT she yells

I want that

I want hell

remove your hat,

your mind will dispell

amongst whats not

in cramped time

where hurt is hot,

and your not mine

still the same

as it goes

dont see shame.

Yet many know

a secret of mine

I didn't tell, but one

our agreement was fine

but became undone

Like a drug

disorientated fuck

so much as a hug

stumbling for luck

breaking reflections

everywhere you turn,

increasing rejection

with gound you earn.


Desire what's peace



Just a small piece of sanity.....

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