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Goodbye My Friend!

By: lumiere

Page 1, I wrote this back in 2010, after my childhood friend have passed away. I was heartbroken and shocked. Actually, I wasn\'t planning on writing anything. It just happened by itself. I never considered writing poetry before and never thought this qualifies to be called a poem, but recently a very dear friend encouraged me to post this. I would truly appreciate your honest feedback and criticism. In the loving memory of a dear friend. R.I.P <3

Goodbye my old friend,
Rest in peace!
You broke our hearts
With your abrupt departure.
You should've stayed a while,
May be, it wouldn't have been such a torture!

You were as bright as sunlight,
But how could you leave?
Leaving packs of stacked memories.
Oh my friend!
Do you still remember?
When we were kids,
As we chased our future
With such a pleasure,
As we ran on the road,
Not knowing the end.

And who thought would lose you so soon
Oh my friend!
Do you think this pain would come to an end?
Do you think we can forget your features?
Who would've guessed you would leave so soon
Like spring's warm afternoon...

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