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Anchors Lifting

By: magicofwriting101

Page 1, A poem I wrote out of anger, which turned into inspiration :3...... Enjoy <3

Anger rumbling

tears building

stomach aching

heart shaking

The security veil breaking

for a sudden second

with a single breath

lips parting

eyes closing

inhaling, exhaling

mind blowing

Hearing the horrible tone of their voice

you cringe, the sound ringing in your ears

the sight of them flashing in your eyes

music blaring

eyes starring

earth quaking

shoulders shrugging

Your anchors dropping to the ground

dragging and nagging behind

your knees crashing and kissing the floor

your head drooping

but no, you will not put up with this for another minute

YOU are strong

YOU are brave

YOU are loved


lift those anchors and float on proudly <3

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