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Bride Again

By: magicofwriting101

Page 1, Well, my Dad out of nowhere texts me saying he is going to marry this girl. And well, I already went through this, because he just got a divorce, and yet he went and got another girl, quick as ever. Well, it really hurts and I don\'t even know her... and she doesn\'t even speak English yet. This is a poem I wrote out of anger and frustration... enjoy. --Tana<3

Hurt. Oh so hurt I am.

I had just gone through this, hand in hand.

I don't think I can see him be married again.


Then gone.

It ends like that.

With a SNAP, of my fingers.

My heart done for.

Why? I ask. Why does he have to have one girl after the other, as soon as possible?

It hurts to see him fall in and out of love.

The past of his love and my second mom, gone. 

Pure. Darkness.

Can you imagine? One night they are together. The next. Gone. She's gone.

The LOVE gone. The next thing you know, he's found another.

Another girl.

She can't even speak english yet, and I have never met her.

And yet, they are engaged.

My new second mom?


Happy for him?


For me?




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