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Several Sides

By: magicofwriting101

Page 1, A simple poem I had to write in L.A. Enjoy:)

Several Sides I am

A reader dancing over turning pages

the side who believes anything is possible

The wallflower side who grows in the shade

shyly her petals blooming

Weird side takes me on fun adventures

laughing at unbearable nothings

The mysterious side, almost no one knows about

Unknown abilities grasp my mind

but you would think I've gone mad

you would consider me a palm reading gone bad

with a small romantic side,

to love is to live

but to love is to breakuntil true love has been found

roses can prick, love can bleed

an author a writer of anything that comes to mind....the make believe

or is it real?

For the several sides I am, each one believes anything is possible

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