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Foggy Night

By: Mathew Nicolson

Page 1, I went for a walk in the fog yesterday and the phrase \'milky irridescence\' came into my head, as it does.

The water shines with milky iridescence

Houses snuggle under their foggy blanket

The world shrinks

And nobody thinks

That this is a night worth noticing

Streetlamps signal orange beams

Cutting through the white air

The world bursting at its seams

Will no-one stop and stare?

Laughter from here and there

Impossible to tell from where

Black figures against the night

And the infinite orange

Too absorbed in their chemicals

To care for the light

Alone on a cold metal bench

Sparing a glance for the pearl ripples

Sits another focused inward

An emotional cripple

But not beyond it is the beauty

Within and without reach

And for all its torment, it knows well

That night offers pleasures unbeknown

to those who laugh and screech

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