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A thin line between love and hate

By: maystar

Page 1, It is weird how u convince ur self so much u hate someone that u like them and u don\'t even realise ur self

I hated him.
I didn’t know why.
I guess he annoyed me.
But the thing I never realised was,
There’s a thin line,
Between love and hate.
All those times,
I acted immature to his insults,
I never realised ,
How fun it was.
I got annoyed and never noticed,
I blushed as well.
And when people asked if I liked him,
I had convinced myself I didn’t.
I replied almost immediently,
I hate him!!
But even I didn’t realise myself,
That I liked him.
I stare across at him.
And get lost in his eyes.
So much so , I don’t realise,
That I stare at him.
I like him. I don’t.
It’s just that there is,
A thin line between love and hate.

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