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Parting from you*

By: maystar

Page 1, ever had a best friend who lrft. it hurts but u have 2 llet em go



Even though we must go our separate ways,
I thank God for the time we spent together.
I can’t imagine not being with you,
Like you never came into my life at all.
It would be like a missing jigsaw piece,
And worse I wouldn’t know what it was.
Our time; full of laughter and joy.
Through the good and bad,
I wouldn’t change a thing.
It seemed like only yesterday we met,
but developed a tight bond.
Like two sisters,
We quarrelled, but always made up.
We never let negativity linger;
we had far too much to do.
We always made the best out of our time.
You were all I needed,
And I was all you needed.
You’ll be sorely missed,
I’ll leave a place in my heart for you, forever.

Parting from you will be hard,
but I wish you all the best.


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