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By: Mezquiteno

Page 1, A short poem about a man suffering over the departure of his old love but finding the remedy in another woman.

The morning breeze brought her scent,
The bedsheets reminded me of time we spent.
Pictures of her smile invaded my mind,
Time suddenly stopped and began to rewind.

Times of laughter and love with some tears,
Happy hours, days, months and years.
The blue of her eyes I saw in the sky,
A burning tear slowly appeared in my eye.

The howling of the wind brought her voice,
I fell to my knees crying without a choice.
The haunting of her memory tortured my being,
Her beautiful face everywhere I kept seeing.

Her memory slowly began to fade with time,
I no longer appeared to be a saddened mime.
Rain washed away the many tears shed,
A beautiful angel now lied with me in bed.

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