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No Matter, I'll Be There

By: Miatzu

Page 1, You know you\'re in it deep when it comes to this point...

Although you've forgotten

The way that I feel

I'll be thre for you

Any time you need to heal

Although you've left me

To live with my pain

I can't leave you

To feel the same

Stab me in the back

Rip out my heart

Tear my soul to peices

Pick me apart

Use me as you need to

Abuse me, I don't care

Hurt me if it heals you

Strip my happiness bare

Regaurdless of how I feel

How dead I am inside

I'll just forget

All the times you've lied

I'll forget what you've done

Forgive, another story

But I'll forget all my pain

And let you abuse me

So just forget the way I feel

Don't bother pretending that you care

Hurt me all you want

No matter, I'll be there

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