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A Mother's Loss

By: Michael Marie

Page 1, Hi everyone. I am new to this site. I have always loved writing but have no formal training. In other words I have no idea what I am doing. I would love to hear feedback but please be gentle on my fragile ego. This poem is about a very person experience. The entire thing is in metaphors because it is a very hard topic for me to write about but I still feel the need to write about it. So it will be hard to understand. But here it is.

A Mother’s Loss


That proficient iron.

A chasm sealed.

Thick with screams

Suffocating and unhealed.


Empty arms

Bewildered and aching,

A chasm twin

To an empty heart breaking.


A heart once filled

Not dense . . . but ablaze

Not strangled . . . but free

Now drained and a haze.


A torn embrace,

A forsaken battle,

A childless mother,

Love denied.


Stolen joy

Besieged by longing.

So deep, so aching

With madness creeping.


Slipping restraint,

A distant pounding.

Breaths withheld

A ravenous raging.


A rapist taking

What wasn’t yours.

Murderous are you

You raper of souls.


Caged inside

The pain I hide

Exhausted screams

But death . . .


Death Denied.

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