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A Statement of Myself

By: Mickel Mais

Page 1, I wrote a poem about my most favorite way of describing myself, since it is more than just a redundant statement. It focuses on my past, present, and future as I grow and develop into myself. Hopefully, you\'ll be able to identify with it and recognize everything, good and bad, that makes you like no other.

I am me,

And me is I.

I was born to be no other.

My life was all my own.

I grew,

I learned,

I survived,

To be only me.

I am no other.

Skin-deep and soul-deep, I am wonderfully unique.

I think,

I breathe,

I act,

In a way entirely my own.

I will be no other.

I aspire to be as great as I shall be.

I look to,

I want to,

I wish to,

Be like no other.

I am me,

And me is I.

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