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Asking What If?

By: Mike Stevens

Page 1, A poem about my overactive imagination

Asking What If ?

Oh, to be able to shut my mind

off from thinking about what I might find

come tomorrow; the future awaits

My mind is my foe, the enemy at the gates

I spend all my time thinking “What if ?”

My thoughts are much to heavy to lift

I’m weighted down by worry of what’s to come

I just want to hide away, I just want to run

I sit here and imagine if the worst comes to pass

That if it all falls to pieces, the end will come so fast

Every time I imagine things, they get worse and worse

I imagine disaster, chapter and verse

I drive myself crazy playing this game

By imagining the worst, I‘m going insane

I’ve got to stop with my destructive thoughts,

for a clairvoyant I think I am, but am not

Just let things happen, and don’t try to guess

What’s to be will be, and give my mind a rest

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