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Blessing and a Curse

By: Mike Stevens

Page 1, My take on the wonders of technology!

Blessing and a Curse

It’s amazing what communication has become

We can talk instantly across thousands of miles; some

things are unbelievable to me, and give me pause

They confuse me, it's not simple like it was

I’m constantly amazed by new technology

I see something incredible, and ask myself, “How can this be?”

I have a hard time believing how much things have changed

My reality had been altered and rearranged

I try to explain to my young nephew how different things were,

but I can see he doesn’t follow; it’s both a blessing and a curse

On one hand, technology has made our lives easy

On the other, it’s made human interaction for you and me,

almost a forgotten art; with face to face contact a dying breed

Anonymous, impersonal contact must now fill the need

for information, for keeping up with what’s going on around,

an electronic best friend; the very thought makes me frown

I never thought that time would pass me by,

but I guess things constantly change, I see them and sigh

It’s now a light speed world and it’ll run you over

if you don’t just go with it; no place to duck and cover,

no protection from the information age

See the electronic future as it does wage

a war with the past, and all the old ways

Technology now dictates the way we think and play

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